3D Model Viewer

Performing maintenance. Service can be unavailable till the 3rd of the December 2013

Platform: Flash | Java

The Online 3D Model Viewer tool provide you with the easiest and a fastest way to load and view the 3D designs saved in a various file formats. In advantage this tool is free and can be used without any charges.

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Note: The load operation could take a few minutes, please be patient (the progress is shown, even if it stops the loading is continued. the error messages would be shown in case of any error).
Note: The flash client could work slowly comparing with the java client.
Note: Some of the textures could be skipped from loading (depending on the security setting), these are should be loaded manually using the texture panel (most right button).

Main Features:
* Supports wide range of the different 3D file formats like 3DS, OBJ, LWO, and a hundred of other formats
* Currently only those texture file formats are supported: png, jpg
* Loading models from the web resources/files with the given url
* Java and Flash implementation of the viewer is available

Planned Features:
* Exporting models in to the popular file formats
* Add support of the tga, bmp and dds texture formats